250g Lil Bag O Beans
  • Lil Bag O Beans 


    250g of our final batch of beans grown at our Goremans Road farm in the hills outside Byron Bay. This coffee is made up 100% of K7 and Byron Red Arabica coffee beans and tastes a little like sunshine. 

    With this purchase you have helped us towards planting a native Australian tree amongst a biodiverse forest that is protected for 100 years. 

    Every bag bag o beans is one step in the right direction for a greener Australia.
    For every kg we plant a tree. 

    Thank you!

    250g Lil Bag O Beans

    • Tasting notes:

      Chocolate. Black berries. And shockingly nice, strong everyday delicious coffee. 

      Please recycle. All our products are sourced with the environment in mind and are 100% home compostable, that means green bin or compost heap.  

      The bags are made from ABA certified home compostable materials meaning no nasties, ever! No compost no worries, lob that little buy in your green bin. 
      Used coffee grind is great for gardens, just spread it around and dig it through the soil or add it to your compost. 

      Every kg we plant a tree.