Sorting your grind out.

The grind can be difficult, we've all had those days.

You just can't get it right, we're here to help. You're in fine hands.We're grinder fiends.

Now this is not a final word on how to grind your coffee. There is always space for a little here and there and everyone has their flavour. It is however a great starting point for active punters on how keep the morning brew consistent and delicious.

Tip #1 Small grind. small time.


Think table salt. Not the fancy type, the red and white packaged home brand stuff at the back of your cupboard. When making espresso there is a lot more pressure applied quickly to the beans so you will need a nice fine grind to extract all the juicy oils.


Sea Salt (The fancy stuff). The friendly plunger (french press) sits between espresso and pour over. You have a much longer extraction time than the humble espresso so a larger grind is needed here. Don't leave you plunger to percolate for too long (5 mins is pushing it) as it over extracts your grind and becomes a sad bitter cup of regret.

Tip #2 Big grind. Big time.

Pour over

Cous Cous. The rice so nice they named it twice. Stepping up the grind to pour over / filter coffee is your next glorious jump in grind size. Here the coffee will have more time with the water, so you have to make sure your grind is a little larger.

Tip #3 Sour = Under. Bitter = Over

That's its friends. Go forth and grind.