Frequently asked questions

What's the shelf life?

3 weeks. You can drink it after that point, however it will be at its best within that period.

Can I recycle the packaging?

All of it.
From the 100% recyclable bags to the used coffee grind. Please recycle / compost it all!

Why only fortnightly shipping?

We are creating a new business model and to do this we need to take things slow.
We are approaching our roasting in a batch mentality to reduce waste, energy and faff. When our roasting schedule changes, you will be the first to know.

Tell me more about the trees?

Trees are the future friend. We have partnered with Greenfleet & Carbon Neutral, two envionmental organisations on a mission to protect our climate by restoring Australian native forests. This is no green washing nonesense, we want more trees in this world and by putting a simple value of 1 for 1, we have made sure to keep ourselves in check. 1 kg of coffee sold = 1 native Australia tree planted and protected for 100 years.

Green fleet are passionate as hell and lay the grounds for hope by empowering people to take tangible and long-lasting environmental action.
Plant some trees/find out more about their good work here. Carbon Neutral's vision is to help society overcome its two most critical environmental crises – climate change and biodiversity loss. Plant some trees/find out more about their great work here


We send all our coffee out 100% carbon neutral. Every package is carbon offet and the postal bags are home compostable, (that's green bin if you don't have compost!). With every bag sent out our courier will supply a tracking number and ETA so you can keep an eye on the delicious beans all day long.